Dealing with the death of a loved one is one of the greatest trials in a person’s lifetime. However, the teachings of Islam on life and death are clear. We are all mortals and death is a gateway to the hereafter. Islam teaches us the methods by which we deal with the passing of our fellow human beings and rules by which we have to conduct the appropriate practices of prayer, preparation and burial. The Qur’an stresses the inevitability of death for all living things, emphasises the fleeting nature of this world, and underlines the need for Taqwa.

When you are grieving through this difficult time, we can help you through it by picking up your loved one from the place of death in our funeral vehicle, arranging a grave, washing the body providing shroud (kafan)and transportation to the cemetery from the masjid. The cost is kept as low as possible by our use of our experienced volunteers rather than paid staff. Telephone us on 0131 667 7474 to be guided through the process following a sudden death.

After Ghusl and Janazah, the deceased are then buried in:

Craigmillar park cemetery, 47 old Dalkeith road EH16 4TE

The Process

In order for Iqra funeral team to pick up the deceased body from either the house or the hospital morgue a Medical certificate of death (Form 11) is required. Without this we cannot collect the body therefore the first question asked once informed is:

“Do you have a Medical certificate of death?”

This will be provided by the hospital or in an exceptional case if the death has occurred at home and no hospital check-in is required (was expected) only then the GP will be able provide a certificate or verification of death letter.

If the death occurs in the hospital the body must be transferred to the hospital mortuary before it can be picked up by us. On many occasions you have family members making an assumption that the body will be collected from the ward however this is not the case. This can take anytime between 1 to 4 hours.

Before leaving the hospital, all bodies must be checked out at the mortuary. The movement of the body from the ward to the mortuary is managed by the hospital itself. We cannot collect until the mortuary approve release of the body.

The Medical certificate of death (Form 11) allows us to transfer the body to the Mosque mortuary but does not permit a burial. To confirm burial permission the family must:

Register the death at:

Registration of births, deaths and marriages.  Door G, 253 High St, Edinburgh EH1 1YJ 45. You must book an appointment.

Please note
Due to covid restriction all death registration appointments must be made online at:

Documents needed upon registering the death 

Try taking with you as many of the following as possible (original documents if possible):

  • Medical Certificate of the cause of death, issued by the GP or the hospital (essential)
  • Any letter or book related to any of the public funds (pension etc.) that the deceased was in receipt of.
  • NHS medical card, if available
  • The birth or the marriage certificates of the deceased.

 The Registrar may also want to know:

  • The date, time and the place of death
  • The full name, occupation and postal address of the
  • deceased and his or her country and date of birth.
  • If the person was married at the date of death, the date of birth of surviving widow or widower.
  • The full names and occupations of the deceased‘s parents.
  • The name and the address of the deceased‘s GP.

Once death is registered:

Upon registration of the death you will be issued with two documents:

The death certificate: This is for the family to retain and use for general purposes.

The Form 14: This is required for the burial and is passed to a responsible member of the Masjid‘s funeral team, who will forward it to the cemetery concerned. Please note that this is an IMPORTANT document which the cemetery administration needs to keep in their records, and authorises the burial of the deceased. 


Cost of burial

Iqra Funeral Care offers a free service to the Muslims community of Edinburgh. We aim to have an open-door policy for the local community so that they can use the facilities during their time of their need. 

Please note we provide a non profit making service, however the necessary cost from the Edinburgh Council for burial and purchase of the grave must be paid. (Edinburgh Council cost are below)

The family member are encouraged to make a donation towards the masjid as a sadaqa jariya for the deceased. The deceased will receive continues reward with your generation donation.

– Transportation from hospital to mosque mortuary (FREE) 
– Storage in mosque mortuary (FREE)
– Ghusal (washing of the body) (FREE)
– shroud (kafan) (FREE)
– Transportation from mosque to graveyard (FREE) 

Edinburgh Council Burial costs:  
– Purchase of grave £1470 
– Burial in cemetery interment cost £1284
– Chamber and board £178.                     
Total Edinburgh council cost: £2932

– Oak Coffin – £200, Masjid running costs – £100

Edinburgh Council costs on the weekends will have a slight increased interment Cost:
Sat (until 11am): £1,616 
Sat (after 11am): £1,799
Sun / Public Holiday: £1,799


Please read the Muslim funeral guide, although we will guide you through the process regardless.

MUSLIM FUNERAL GUIDE (Moulana Habib ur Rehman) – Download

Iqra funeral care video ⬇️